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Want to get a second sled-what to get?

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  • Want to get a second sled-what to get?

    I have a 90 Skidoo Nordic 50 that is a tried and true workhorse. I have hauled a tremendous amount of weight to build my cabin without any trouble. It can tackle deep snow without a hiccup. I have now built the cabin and want a sled to get back and forth in some comfort (the Nodic is a tank). I want something that can handle deep snow as I often have to break the trail in and don't want to worry if we get a couple feet of snow while at the cabin. The cabin is out in the petersville area and the terrain is flat. I weigh 275 and am 6'4 so my wifes Bravo or the Tundras are too small. Also, the main trail is often hard so friends liquid cooled machines have had problems with overheating. I am looking for suggestions on what machine to get and if anybody has a machine to sell. I figure the Nord will just be used when I have freighting to do. Thanks, Mike

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    A good, used RMK Trail 500. 2003 and up.

    Fan cooled, good on the trail, in the powder, it hauls and it even does decent in the hills.

    Adjust the suspension for your weight and add some scratchers and enjoy.

    I know there are other equally good sleds out there--I'm most familiar with Poos
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