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    Looking for a new GPS for my snowmachine. Looking for something that is big and bright enough to read while riding, but also small enough to be usable on backpacking trips. Currently the Garmin GPSMAP 62 or 64 is catching my eye. Anyone have experience with these models or recommend that I look in another direction?

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    Garmin Montana 650t GPS, very easy to use, my last one wasn't a touch screen, this is so much better.


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      touchscreen equals poor operation during cold weather/wet.....especially if your hands are cold......just my 2 cents.

      I love Garmin products. My suggest would be something that you can voice command in addition to touchscreen if you are going to upgrade away from standard user controls.


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        Without any hesitation, get the GPSmap64s or 62s. Don't bother with any of the "state" models. These two are the best all around GPS units on the market for handheld use. Skip the "t" model (comes with 100K topo maps) if you are only doing Alaska and buy the Alaska Enhanced 24K map card instead. However, if you also do stuff down in 'Merica, you may want to get the "t" model for the built-in mapset of the whole country and add the AK Enhanced map card for use up here. The detail difference between the pre-load topo and the AK card is night and day.

        I'm currently running a 62stc and love it. It has the camera in it, which I don't use that much, though it is a pretty good PNS camera. I have 3 map cards that I use; AK Enhanced, Blue Chart, and the HuntX Maps. I put in the blue chart when I'm boating in salt, otherwise I generally have the AK enhanced on board. The HuntX maps are not as good, but they do have all the property and GMU info in them, so I use it for a field reference when I want to find out who's land I'm on or about to go on.

        On my snowmachine, I have a RAM mount ball bolted on the dash and a bracket for the GPS. With two RAM arms, I put the GPS above and left of my dash indicators and behind the windshield. It puts the GPS in the perfect spot for on-the-fly position checking. I run a power cord from the GPS to the power outlet so the GPS has backlighting on at all times. Put it on the map page and set the orientation to track up and you're looking at a live moving map that is always oriented to your direction of travel. The nice thing about RAM mounts is having a ball base on the ATV and in the boat and a suction cup base for my vehicles and the GPS quickly moves between the places I need it.

        I will point out one issue with snowmachine power outlets. I run a 2013 Cat without a battery, so the power at the power outlet is from the lighting circuit and tends to be "dirty" power. I put a small bridge rectifier and a capacitor-based power filter at the power outlet, mounted under the dash. That cleans up the juice prior to the Garmin power cable, which is a USB power cable that provides 5VDC to the GPS. Without the power filter, the USB cable would have issues and often drop power to the GPS. If you have a machine with a battery, I'd just make sure your power outlet comes right off the battery so you are getting good 12VDC.
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          Thanks JOAT, just the information I wanted


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            Garmin Montana 650t here too - if you're using it on a snowmachine, get the Garmin mount - it holds it, heats it, and powers it, and the touchscreen works great at -20!! The screen is MUCH larger than the GPSmap 64.


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