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    I have 2 of the Jetsled Kodiak XL sleds. I also have the factory covers for them and the Plastic runners added to the bottom.
    The runners add better tracking when being towed at speed and also more wear resistance for the bottom of the sled.
    The covers keep my gear clear of snow as you will get snow in them one way or another. I often have snow on top of the covers but at least it isn't all up in my gear.
    What I like about this size sled is the 2 of them fit crosswise in my truck. So hauling them is easy.
    take into account when buying them where you will put the sled.
    For instance if you are towing a 2 place snowmachine trailer with an SUV where will you carry the sled? Strapped to the trailer on top of the machines or strapped to the roof? Will a magnum size sled fit in a shortbed truck?
    Just things to consider.
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