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    Hi folks,
    I have been looking into getting helmet communicators for wife and I, does anyone have recommendations or advice? I am looking at the SENA SMH10 but don't know anything about Bluetooth, does that require a carrier contract? Just looking for something simple that we can talk to each other while going in and out of cabin. We are usually never more than a couple hundred yards from each other. Appreciate any tips I can get before I waste money on something that doesn't work. Thanks. CN

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    Range of a couple of hundred yards for blue tooth I don't think so unless there also a radio
    in the mix.


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      Sena uses Bluetooth for radio or phone to a headset.
      These units are fantastic. We use them in the airboat along with many of our friends on their boats.

      Highly recommended! You can stop by and check mine out if interested.
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