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  • Wanted: light fan cooled trail machine

    I'm way way behind the times on sleds. So many advances since the last few years. I'm pushing 60, looking for a 2 up to give my better half a short tour around our lake once or twice a year but will. Normally be riding solo, honestly mostly will ride trails but might venture off once in a while so I'm thinking the big heavy trail/touring sleds are not for me. Not a speed or power freak. Gotta have reverse (to get it out of my trailer). I'm thinking the 4strokes are heavier than I want to go? I will probably want something a couple/few years old to take the show room sting out of it. Can anybody give me some ideas of what I should be looking for?? Thanks!!

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    Gottago Ė
    You may want to check out the Arctic Cat T570. Itís a 2 up, fan cooled, reverse. Itís pretty light and versatile. My wife runs one and itís well suited fortrails or cutting power.


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      I will be selling my polaris iq550 this winter. It's a two up fan cooled sled. We are moving out of state next year so I'm starting to get rid of the toys



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