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freezing shifters

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  • freezing shifters

    I'm new to winter bicycling, I've been out this winter when we didnt have snow and took this nice buck. Today I peddled out on a little snow and the shifters were freezing (cables) anyone have this experience and figure out some remidies?
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    hey kodiakcombo,

    when was the last time you lubed the shift housings? i lube them like crazy when the temp starts dipping below freezing. not so much to lubricate the cables, but primarily to keep water out. it doesn't take much to freeze up a cable.

    also, are you sure the problem is in the cables? often in cold weather a little slush from your tires can spin off on to your rear derailleur. easy to tell when you move your shifter and look for the last point of movement in the cable/derailleur system. fenders can help keep slush off in some cases.

    sometimes the factory cable lube isn't meant for cold weather. often relubing with a non-stock lube can solve the problem.

    let me know if it persists-nice buck by the way.


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      I sprayed the thing that moves the chain side to side when the cable pulls it, I think it is the slush freezing the cables, the cables are low just behind the front tire, I have fender, but it doesnt keep the slush off that low. I think I'm stuck on whatever gear freezes, I'll try a lube at that point where the slush is freezing.
      Providing trips for multilpe species for over 20 yrs


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        hopefully that will do the trick for you.

        feel free to pm me if it gives you any more grief.


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          Sorry I don't have any advise for you, but that picture is awesome!!


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