Hydrolic disk brakes and a 29' tires ?'s



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  • Hydrolic disk brakes and a 29' tires ?'s

    First I guess is how do the hydro brakes work in dead of winter, -20? Is it better just to get the cable disk brakes? Also just learned about the 29ers. I am looking to upgrade from a 2000 specialized hard rock to a 2008 or 09 rockhopper. Not sure about the fancy do dads. Plus not sure if it is worth the extra money to go from a $850 08 model rockhopper with cable disk to the 29er rockhopper with hydro brakes and upgraded components. Either will be better than what I have, just kinda wore out. Any info and insight will be greatly appreciated. Gonna go back out shopping and check out other brands, Giant, Kona whatever the Bike Shop didn't carry. Kinda partial to the specialized.

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    29 GF HiFi

    mine has 29"ers and hydro brakes and I had no problems with it at -38 this winter. You'll never ride 26" again after riding a 29er! Good luck on your decisions hope this helps a little. Steve


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      So is your bike a Gary Fisher? How is on hills and such? Nobody will let your ride in the snow, gotta wait for the parking lots to clear. They feel different. Is starting out wierd, have to shift to a lower gear? The rims seem to have a little more "flex" to them, side to side. They claim they ride better over roots and such because of lower angle of entry. Just looking for any input really. $1300 is a lot to drop, but I kinda like the hydro brakes and all. I have been fine on the $500 hardrock though for 10 years, so..... But I ride the bike almost every all year round. Plus want something for doing resurection trail or the likes, contemplating the bob trailer too. Not sure if I will bike in and hunt or just hike. Bike seems like a lot easier and faster though!


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        Mine is a Gary Fisher HIFI 29". I took a little getting used to because it is a full suspension but after a week of riding it I was glad I went full suspension I'm a big guy! It is easy to start out with the Big ol wheels they glid over big rocks and tree stumps with no effort and they make hills vanish behind you. After having Hydro brakes I will never own cables again they are soooooo smooth and easy to pull, yes more expensive but 10 times as nice. Was worth the extra $$ for me. If you get a 29 er they make a Bob trailer just for the 29ers so you will have the right amount of wheel clearance and they are only a few bucks more than a regular Bob. If you have a regular Bob already you can buy the 29er fork for the trailer and just swap it out. Will be doing Resurection as many times as possible this year and as many others as possible. Hope this helps Steve


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          Bought one!

          I ended up getting a Kona Kula 2-9. Ended up being alot lighter than a specialized rockhopper. I bought last years model, awesome deal because of the scandium frame! 09's don't have it until you get to the $2400 model! 20 inch frame. 27 gears. Hayes hydro breaks. Basically it smokes the specialized bike hands down with components. Bought the bike at Speedway Cycles on Spenard just north of Northern lights, they are on the left 2 or 3 blocks down on the left. End of a strip mall. Great guys!


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            hope to see you on the trails. Keep us updated on how you like your new ride.


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              It really does tame down the bump with the lesser entry angle of the larger wheels. It does have a way nicer front end compared to the hardrock, but still I can feel the difference in the back end and front. Rolls over 2" and even hit a 4" easy under the new snow the other day. No problem and don't feel the need to pop the front end up.
              Still getting used to the speed and gear selection. I am used to pedaling faster in the winter on the snow pack at the dog park. With the 29er I guess I must be doing the same speed or faster but not pedaling as fast. Which makes me want to shift gears, but then at times it is too much and I really the feel the burn! It does climb nice on the hills and descend very nice too, even in the 4" of new snow.
              Speedway Cycles definately did a nice job setting up the bike and taking care of me. Very impressed at the least! They blew about the competition!


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