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motorized MT bike? Check this out

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  • motorized MT bike? Check this out

    Not sure where you could use these. I tried looking up laws for here in state. The only thing I found was that they are exempt from registration. Dmv seems to not classify this as a motor vehicle. they call it a bike-bug

    But could you run this thing on a bike path? Use it around the city?

    Do you think it could be practical to use for hunting? Maybe it could get you to hard to get to areas?

    Looks like fun anyway and affordable

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    I'm no legal expert, but as far as using a motorized Mt. bike for hunting... The real advantage to bikes when it comes to hunting is that you can cover a lot of ground in little time when hunting in non-motorized areas. Even if these things are exempt from DMV regulation, I can almost guarantee that F&G wouldn't allow them to be used in non-motorized areas. If they could only be used on motorized trails, I can't really see any advantage over a regular ATV.

    As for regular mt. bikes, I'm looking more and more into using mine for hunting. I need to build a trailer to really make a go of it, but I've already scouted out a number of areas where a bike would be a great way to go.



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      I've used a mt. bike for hunting a couple times. Once with a home made game cart. I know some guys in Montana who use them to ride in on gated off forest service roads to go deer hunting. Whatever works for the situation and terrain.
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        whats your guys's thoughts on just running this thing on a bike path around anchorage, legal or not?

        It would be alot easier to make a trail for bike usage than for an ATV. Thats where I think it would make a good hunting transport. Cutting a single track through the woods isnt too hard.

        Ive tried this a few times. The hilly country and mossy ground is pretty hard stuff to pedale through. Especially with a 50 pound pack on. But you can get to some neat spots. with one of these little engines on the back it might make me try this approach again.

        I dont think that you could use this in non-motorized areas either.


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          it is getting very close to this

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