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  • Mountain Bike Suggestion?

    Hi, all. Looking for suggestions on the mountain bike for a person interested in getting into mountain biking.
    I’m wondering if it makes sense to get a bigger travel bike that is more forgiving or look at a 100mm or hardtail which would force you to pay more attention to line choice.
    Or maybe it all just comes down to the type of terrain you’re most likely to ride and what your goals are?
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    I would highly recommend spending some time in the local bike shops. I don't know where you are located, but if you are in Anchorage, Chain Reaction Cycles, Speedway Cycles, The Trek Store, The Bicycle Shop, and Paramount are all excellent shops and can give you tons of great information. Most people are going to enjoy riding a full suspension bike. An important thing if you are just getting into it is to make sure what you are doing is enjoyable. If you are getting beat up on the bumps/roots with a hardtail, you aren't going to be having as much fun and likely will ride a lot less. You can learn the techniques just fine on a FS and your body will thank you. The technology has gotten so much better that you aren't going to be worrying about weight with a FS compared to a hardtail like you used to. Unless you have plans to ride mostly downhill trails (of which there are only limited options in Alaska), I would not suggest a bigger travel bike, just a more standard cross country setup. The bigger travel bikes will be heavier and slower for the flat and uphill riding and only provide benefit for the downhill sections. The bigger travel bikes are typically more for those who already have a cross country bike or who exclusively ride downhill (and shuttle the uphills on a lift or in a truck).

    If you have the money, go with a better bike from the start. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap bike and then want to upgrade after the first couple months to the more expensive bike anyway.


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