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  • resurrection trail

    I have biked the powerline pass (the whole trail) and this weekend I'm going to attemp the resurrection trail by myself with a cabin reserved at Swan lake, and i'm looking for advice. Anything would be helpfull.

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    when i was riding that trail i prefered going from hope to cooper landing. the uphill past swan lake can be a brutal climb.


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      Biking Resurrection Pass Trail

      I have ridden the entire trail two separate times. Idahokayaker is right that starting at Hope is the best way to go. You should be able to ride the entire trail in 8 - 10 hours. We decided not to camp overnight so we didn't have to haul all the gear you need for camping. We carried camelbacks and water bottles on our bikes since it can be quite a distance between water sources. One trip we used a water filter and the second trip we used iodine tablets and the neutralizer tablets to make the water drinkable. We also took powdered gatoraide to mix with the water. It is a great ride on a nice day. The trail from the pass to Coopers Landing is rocky and overgrown in some spots. A full suspension bike would really save your important body parts from the pounding you will take on this ride. Copy the map and mile markers for each of the cabins ...etc from the 55 Ways to SC Alaska book and tape it to your handlebars. Then you will know how far you have to go. Enjoy it!!!!!!


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        Devil's Pass

        On another day you might want to try including Devil's Pass trail on the trip. I took the horses last weekend and rode from the Cooper Landing side to a spot near the Devil's Pass cabin. We overnighted in a large meadow above the trail.
        The next day was pouring down rain so we headed out Devil's Pass trail. It is beautiful and the trail is in superb condition.
        Have fun.


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          How was the ride? I've been wanting to do it myself, haven't had the time.


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