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    Yea! First post! long does it take to bike Johnson Pass? Is the trail in good shape? Are there any wildlife viewabilities along the trail? Thinking about biking it this summer.


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    Talking to a friend

    I haven't mountain biked the pass myself, but a friend said it's definately rideable. As far as wildlife, it is moose and bear habitat. Here's a link with some info:

    That area get's a good dump of snow in the winter, so you'll likely have to wait until well into June before the snow is clear from the trail.

    As far as how long it would take, depends on what type of shape your in and how much gear you carry. If you're in decent shape, you should be able to make the whole trail in a day, if you're in top shape, should be able to make it out and back in a long day.
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      Talk to the Forest Circus in Seward and Girdwood before riding the trail to get trail conditions on both sides. I have backpacked the trail and on the south side of the pass there were 30 - 40 downed trees blocking the trail, some piles of downed trees were 6 - 8 feet high. Although it really only slowed my progress, if I had been on my bike, it would have been really frustrating. Most folks I talked to who were riding it that weekend from north to south reported it was about a 7 - 8 hour ride. They all seemed in pretty great shape.
      If you time it right, you may see quite a few black bears near the trail, especially on the north side of the pass. Loons on the lakes at the pass, a few moose around, and the trees get pretty thick on the south side of the pass so be sure to make some noise, I saw a fair amount of grizzly sign along the trail there.


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