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Alaska Spring riding

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  • Alaska Spring riding

    Roads Sweepers out working.
    Saw them working on the PWH 2 days ago,
    Hope to see the MUPs getting swept soon.

    Got a 12 mile ride in, shoulders & MUPs still have lots of gravel,
    but doable for the addicted

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    Sweeping delayed....
    Snow plows mounted again.

    April sucks

    Breakup is a sign ...Spring is closer. :topjob:


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      Road KGB path to Vine, Ok but not swept.
      Vine to Parks, Vine shoulder good, but narrow
      where it was patched from the quake.
      Parks MUP on E side & under the RR tracks in good shape, heavy gravel in places from ATVs.
      Parks shoulder thru Wasilla (East bound) pretty good.
      Road a few miles toward Palmer, PWH path ok .
      All in all, good ridable conditions .


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        30 mi loop, KGB/Clapp,Parks to Pittman to Bev Lk-Seldon Bog
        Clapp not swept, lots of gravel on MUP
        Parks path N ok (except at West Wasilla -bad gravel on it, better to ride Machen, the frontage road there)
        Pittman's shoulders swept to Bev-Lk.
        Rode Seldon extension shoulder, (though the MUP looked ok) to Church then MUP to it ends at Lucas
        Seldon from there to Wasilla Fishhook pretty bad (Sucks really ),
        should've bypassed it (using Lucas to Snow Goose to Schrock)
        Seldon good after Fishhook


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          35 miles, Bog-Parks MUP-Pittman-
          Bev Lk/Seldon.
          Hit rain coming from the N.
          Took Lucas, from Seldon,to avoid it best I could,
          A mistake, Lucas MUP nor shoulders
          are very good or clean.
          Spruce to Wasilla Fishhook-Seldon...
          Good ... but hit rain on Seldon, enough
          for 3 miles of tires slinging dirty water
          To Bog(Out of rain) Sew/Merid-PWH-Home
          Temp range was 74 - 49
          + strong swirly winds in places
          All in all, Good ride
          1 moose, yearling, small bull, paralleled me
          for 100 yards, seemed curious ??


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