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  • Alaska Summer 2017 Rides

    When it gets over 60 & it's GREEN, it's Summer

    Some Great views now
    Rode over the RR crossing tunnel on the P/WHwy.
    at the top near Home Depot "What a view"
    Click image for larger version

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    Yesterdays ride , was showing Bro-Inlaw some of the paved paths
    Almost all the way on "Paved Paths"

    Blue Lupine/ KGB/Clapp/Church/Spruce/Fishhook
    Fought our way thru Wasilla to the P/WHwy
    ((what a mess for biking / what a mess for any traffic )) no real good safe bike routes thru downtown Wasilla.
    Path leads you to Freddy's parking lot & stops, getting to the PWHwy path is like going thru a "Mine field"
    Took PWHwy to the cut off in subdivision roads /home
    Click image for larger version

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    Paths not swept yet & are rocked up by ATVs in places, but ridable.

    Be careful on the down hill on the Clapp trail, gravel & sand makes braking a challenge
    If by myself, I'dev rode the road shoulder, it's been swept

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    20 mi ride : Bogard to Palmer / PWHy path
    Brooms have been busy
    Bogard shoulders swept
    (few gravely spots, but riding on hard surface , not sand
    PWHy path also swept.


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      31.5 mi, Shrock / Church/. W Seld/Bev Lk. /Parks

      Shrock (Not swept)
      Church (not swept)West Seldon/Bev lk (not swept)
      Pitt (not swept)
      Parks (not swept)
      Click image for larger version

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        23 mi KGB/Vine/Parks

        Forecast for a week of rain starting tomorrow, had to get a ride in.
        23 mi,
        New snow in the mtns
        Click image for larger version

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        Sweepers out on KGB shoulders, maybe they'll get to the paved path there soon,

        Crossed over Parks, at Vine, to the Paved path to Church,
        new paving to finish the paved path from the RR crossing to Church is in progress.

        Rode the Parks Hwy back thru Wasilla (West to East) Shoulder has been swept.
        IMO, it's the safest way thru downtown Wasilla,
        (I usually avoid downtown Wasilla, ( even in a car) , but going W to E, the Parks has a nice wide shoulder; Church to Hermon Rd) with
        few business & Road crossing intersections


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          Originally posted by mudbuddy

          Sweepers out on KGB shoulders, maybe they'll get to the paved path there soon,

          When we left home to go to Commissary this AM, there were 2 sweepers going down the bike path on KGB


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            There were a few spot that were a mine field of 1" rocks/gravel
            mostly from ATVs . (skinny tires don't do well on rocks)

            Not gonna ride it today,
            I'm a "good weather " riding snob


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              36 mi loop

              36 mi yesterday,
              KGB/Vine/Pitt/BevLk..Seld..Bog/Trnk/Blu lup
              IMO a good loop :topjob:

              Click image for larger version

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              Riding surfaces pretty good:
              Bogard getting gravel & rocks on shoulders from UTV&ATVs but still good enough to stay outside the white line
              Pittman not swept
              No good cross over from Vine to the Parks trail, construction & getting off at Pittman is rocky.

              Good to feel the heat from the sun.
              See you out there
              Click image for larger version

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                36Mi day

                KGB to Vine, cross Parks to Pittman .."U" turn & back to Wasilla.
                Church/ Spruce/Fsh-hk/Seld..Bog Trnk, BL.
                Click image for larger version

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                Parks paved path is almost all in from Church to Pitman now, a few
                short spots at intersections, but a nice new smooth place to ride away from traffic.

                Shoulder on Wasilla Fishhook shoulder is swept, but not the path but ridable.

                A Good wide, fairly clean shoulder from Fishhook to trunk on Bogard
                Trunk & & Blue Lupine path is good too.


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                  26 mile Was/Plmr Fishhook / trunk

                  Seward Mrdian/ Bog/ Seld/ Lk View/ Wasilla Palmer Fishhok/ Trunk path
                  Blue Lupine path.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  Good ride & little traffic.
                  Trunk path swept nice & clean & few intersections
                  Click image for larger version

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                    27 mi: 6-9 : Seldon.. Bev Lk/ Pittman/Parks

                    Sew-Mer/ Bog/ Peck/ Spruce/ Church/ Seed..Bev Lk/ Pittman/ Parks path to Church then Parks thru downtown Wasilla
                    Click image for larger version

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                    An OK ride,
                    BUT was on the wrong side going down the paved path on Spruce & it's mostly down hill, going pretty fast, Car
                    come out of driveway & just stops in time , hood over 3/4 of the path,
                    Note to self, "Don't ride Spruce path going West, " Will probably Ride spruce to Lucille &
                    take Lucille to Seldon if I ride this route again.

                    Did like riding the wide shoulders on Seldon from Church to Beverly Lk road to Pitman, ( 30 MPH & has speed bumps)

                    Pittman shoulders are wide there to Parks & have been swept.
                    Paved path back to wasilla is 99% done, intersections yet to tie in.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Riding back thru wasilla on the parks shoulders is (IMO) the safest way thru Downtown Wasilla, West side shoulders swept but
                    East of KGB intersection to Lowes; not swept,


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