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  • Spring 2017 rides

    Been out riding in the Mat Valley
    Some road side bike trails(ie : non motorized trails) are in good shape
    From Wasilla (Church Rd) up to Pittman, new construction, is pretty good , but flooded under the RR tunnel
    Has new pavement (higher than the old one) it dry & clean from there to Piitman

    Was fun to ride the new ,wide N bound Parks Hwy lane for a few miles
    Parts of the Trunk path are ok, most is pretty heavily covered with sand/gravel , AND;
    the gravel size is smaller this year, that helps but makes some deeper sandy spots
    ......I found it better to ride the shoulder on Trunk, ( well mostly, I'm riding the shoulders , all but up near Pitman)
    Several walkers out with dogs on leashes & they seem to make their dogs panic when a bike comes by
    I have :: Fear of getting "clotheslined" by a leash

    Palmr/Was Hwy road shoulders are pretty good
    Glenn to the Parks intersection from Palmer is ok.
    Bogard Road shoulders , all the way from Wasilla to Palmer are good.

    Some awesome scenery out there this time of the year
    Click image for larger version

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    35 mi loop/ Trying to connect the Paved Non-Motoried Paths

    34 mi loop

    Started on the Blue-Lupine trail Past HarleyD , past Lowes & crossed the Parks at Harmon.
    Took Old Mat to the end & hooked to the Bike trail at the creek & turned left & rode it to KGB
    KGB trail to "Raven Ribs" . Foothills blvd ..-.. W Clayton ..-..Claiborne..-..Stien..-.. Phoenix thru the subdivision
    (Vine from KGB, is real narrow till Hollywood, best to go thru the subdivision)
    Vine to the Parks & crossed parks there to the new , Used Machen to Church **( But the trail works too)
    Church trail to Spruce trail to Fish-hook trail to Seldon
    Seldon has a good shoulder ,..-.. thru on Bogard (good shoulder) to the Roundabout on trunk
    (& I like to avoid the narrow section of Seldon between Lucile & Fishhook )
    Trunk Paved trails back to Blue Lupine
    I went all the way on Trunk trail. (But could expand
    riding Paved Paths .. Follow Bogard to Palmer to the Butte & back then Palmer Wasilla Paved trail.

    If riding the Paved paths , I ride if they Are on the Right side, IMO traffic sees you better there.
    (Some are OK both ways, Trunk & parts of the Parks Hwy trail) Stay alert at every intersection !!!)
    Most of this ride is on paved trails, or good wide shoulders
    The trails & shoulders , Trails are not all dry & neither have been swept of sand & gravel ...yet

    35.5 mi for me with my ride to hook up to the route
    Click image for larger version

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      42 mi Big lake Loop

      One of my favorite loops. McKinley comes in view a few times

      Sunny , 52

      KGB trl to Hollywood, to Big L, All good & was low traffic on Hollywood but not much of a shoulder)
      Hollywd starts at Phenix with a short steep climb to get your legs into the ride
      Big L Rd to Parks is a nice level ride, wide shoulders but need swept (had Blinking Rear red light on )

      Tried the Parks non motorized trail, is sucks. big rock, wet, ATVs using it & throwing gravel on it, too many driveway & road crossing
      Parks has a good shoulders but needs swept (has a rumble strip)

      Rode the trail from Pitman to Church (almost dry under the tracks)
      Church / Spruce/Fishhook trails, Seldon good wide shoulders
      Crossed over at Tait Dr to Bog to Sew-Merdian ( worst part is at the red light going left off Bog to the SM)

      I get off that narrow , busy section of the SM at Image Audio
      Thru Medical Park side roads to Plmr/Was non motor trl - thru subdivision back to Blu Lupine

      Click image for larger version

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        VALLEY Center loop (core loop)

        This is my "go-to" loop using paved paths & road with good shoulders
        Valley Center,
        Click image for larger version

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        I can make it longer or shorter
        depending on how I feel at various points in the ride.

        Blue Lupine to KBG to Vine to Parks to Pittman to Beverly lake - Seldon- Bogard to Trunk to Blue Lupine

        Heres where I cross the Parks & hook to the paved "non motorized path"
        at the end of Old Matanuska cross easily creek & a uphill "U-turn" to go
        up & over the rail road along the the PW Hwy
        Click image for larger version

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          Bike trail connect - Ol Mat - Plmr-Wsla Hwy by the RR tracks

          Here you can get on the Bike path along the the Palmer Wasilla-Hwy on the So. side of the Parks to KGB
          at the end of Old Matanuska.
          Click image for larger version

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          Here is a good way from KGB to Vine,
          Vine has wide shoulder from Hollywood to the Parks (narrow or no shoulder from KGB to Hollywood)
          Turn at the Rib Shack, & go thru subdivision streets, a little narrow but little traffic & 25 mph
          Click image for larger version

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            I also bypass the section of Seldon between Lucille & Fishhook (narrow & rough) by
            using Lucille to Shrock & looping back to Seldon at Fishhook.
            ( It's wider, less traffic & more relaxing )
            Click image for larger version

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              Today would be "Prime time " to be sweeping the road shoulders
              Hope the Hwy guys read this :whistle:

              Well needed rain
              Now the "Green-UP " Starts. roud:


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                Rain was helpful, a lot less dust.

                Rode Seldon/Bog to Palmer, shoulders ok. Not swept yet.

                Path from Colony to Palmer was good.

                Rode the PW Hwy path back to 4 corners,
                The Palmer 1/2 of the trail has been swept,
                From Tunk to the Sew-Merdn is pretty gravely/sandy with some real bad spots.


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                  My best Paved Path loop (28 & 35 Miles loops)

                  All but a couple places, I'm on the Non-motorized "Paved paths "
                  Blue lupine path, - past Lowes,, cross Parks at Harmon , Hook to the KGB Path, Right on Clapp path,
                  cross Parks to Church Path, Right on Spruce Path , Left on Fishhook path.
                  Right on Seldon (Road Shoulder to Bogard to Trunk. Right on Trunk path back to Blue Lupine

                  Rode the Clapp Path from KGB to the Parks Saturday. Clapp
                  path is good, the beginning of the Church path is pretty gravel/sandy.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	28mi-BL:KGB:Clapp:Chrch:Spruce:Fsh-hk:Seld:Bog:Trnk.jpg
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                  Can be made 35 miles by taking the Bogard Path to Palmer, the Glenn
                  Path to the Palmer Wasilla Path back to Trunk
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	35Mi-BL:KGB:Clapp:Chrch:Sprce:Fsh-hk:Seld:Bog:PWH:Trnk.jpg
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                    Big Lake

                    Rode KGB/Hollywood to Big Lake---Parks/Bogard back
                    40 miles
                    Sweepers & water truck are out doing road shoulders in places

                    Construction from West Wasilla to Pittman on the bike trail,
                    laying/compacting D-1, may get paved soon

                    Click image for larger version

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