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  • Alaska Spring ride

    Rode 28 mi yesterday. Trunk, PW-Hwy & back Bogard/ Seldon/ Fishhook
    Great weather & temp

    The street sweeper was out on the shoulders along the new Bogard extension into Palmer
    Most of the shoulders were good, sandy/small gravel but not near as bad as last Spring.
    The Paved paths along the roads were mixed, some worse than the road shoulders
    Path along Seward Meridian & PW Hwy pretty dirty & gravely. Path along Trunk was good from the hospital to the PW Hwy

    I used the road shoulders mostly , the paths were on the wrong side for the route I used.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thursday (3-1) to be another nice day, hope to get another ride in maybe a longer one.

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    50 miles today

    Had a airbag recall appointment/fix in Anchorage, 3 hr job, took the bike
    Rode old Seward to it end on the back side of Potter marsh & back to Old seward on the New Seward hwy
    then rode campbell creek trail (some short iced over spots, can walk bike thru , ) a few other riders were out.
    got 30 miles
    Click image for larger version

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    Drove back to the valley & rode another 20, SM , trnk, Bogard extension to Palmer
    then Glenn to Parks & back home

    Great weather, riding temps, not much wind.

    Road shoulders were sandy but easily ridable

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      40 mile loop, KGB, Hollywood, Big Lake , Parks , Bog, SewM'd ---home
      Got caught in rain 50% of the ride, came back with me & bike pretty dirty

      KGB paved trail in pretty clean, (I turn R at the Rib Shack & back rds to Hollywood)
      Hollywood not much traffic, Big lake rd the shoulders are pretty dirty
      the paved path on the N side of the Pars From Pittman to W Wasilla is gone, dug up ::: on going construction

      Sunday 25.5 mile
      Trunk to Palmer Fishhook, --to Wasilla Fishhook, Lakeview , Seldon,Bog, SM.
      Few other riders out, nice ride. nice route, shoulders were mostly pretty good.
      One AHole in a PU came by shouting something obscene & blowing his horn.
      Much nicer day than Sat.


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        47.8 mi today

        KGB & down Clapp, Clapp is new al the way past the sports center, (to Church rd)
        Has a paved path too & few intersections makes it a nice ride.
        Be careful on the downhill section , lots of gravel at the bottom, hard to brake & turn.
        You can take the airport turn & come out on the Parks by the railroad overpass
        Little to no traffic when I rode it.

        Checked out the construction on the Parks. Theres a temp bike trail , gravel, didn't ride it to see how far it goes.
        The old paved path ends just after you go under the train tracks going W.
        Click image for larger version

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        Took the Parks to Church to Seldon
        Seldon has lots of gravel on the path & shoulders , & the narrow section between Lucille & Fishhook has some bad pavement spots.
        Seldon after Fishhook / Bogard to Palmer bike shop & the rest of the route was OK, gravely shoulders but not real bad
        Glenn to Parks & home


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          Willow Creek & back , 69 mi
          Some on bike trail some on shoulder.
          Bike trail really sandy/gravely in places that are close to the Parks Hwy & at road crossings

          Willow area , the non motorized path was swept.
          Houston area path pretty dirty.

          Had a chocolate/vanilla swirl at Little Millers in Houston

          Little Su & Willow Ck both open

          After Pitman the path is dry but on the Wasilla side, path is closed ( under construction) from
          Westside Wasilla to Pitman rd.


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            I'm new to this forum, but am an avid biker/runner/skier from the Kenai. I have a return mountain bike trip planned for Denali Parks Hiway on June 3-6. I have made 12 reservations on the Bus into the Park, unfortunately 2 of the riders in our group had to cancel because of unforseen circumstances. I hate to cancel the reservations of there are 2 other like-minded individuals who would like to join us. We are a mixed age and sex group of all ages who are fun-loving and easy-going. We are not looking for partiers and weed smokers. You must be in shape to do 70 miles on the second day through the valleys and mountains which I would rate as difficult. If interested you can call or text 690-6032, or email at for more info. This ride is unsupported so you must be able to pack your own personal gear and food all 100-120 miles. Thanks Carl Kincaid


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              Sounds like a great trip
              I'll start a new thread "Denali Park Hwy Ride : Have opening for 2"
              Might help more folks read it ?


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                4-14 ride. 56-Sunny

                40 miles today
                Bog/Wasilla to fishhook, up to the Little su bridge, then Palmer / glen /parks
                Glenn just coming into N side of Plamer , real sandy/gravely ...Had to use my share of the road down the hill to the light.
                Lots of work on going sweeping the shoulders. not much on the paved non motorized paths (except in Wasilla, they are pretty clean thru town)
                Click image for larger version

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                  26 mile Eklutna Lk ride

                  Awesome ride at Eklutna lake yesterday
                  Great weather, trail for bikes is good where the
                  ATVs haven't ridden, they've kicked up lots of loose rocks & make riding those
                  sections a bumpy obstacle course
                  Went to the Cabin & back

                  Click image for larger version

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