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Fun winter riding

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  • Fun winter riding

    Rode from Mud Lake down Rippy Trail to past the bridge and back. Not the longest ride 9 miles round trip but the snow and hills helped make up for it. Good training for winter races. Here's a couple pics.

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    I need to figure a ay to get in some winter rides.

    Got studs for the mt bike, thinking I could ride the Eklutna Lake trial
    May try it after the cold spell passes & we get some better temps.
    Might be doable for me in the Mid 20s


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      Right now it's not that bad all the junk on the bike path along the old Glenn is pretty firm. And the amount of snow is minimal. If nothing else find someone else's bike line and follow their track if it gets a little deeper.

      The 20's and slightly colder is about perfect for winter riding. I usually just have a light baselayer under some nylon pants and a medium baselayer and t shirt on under a windbreaker that most of the time is almost completely unzipped. A mid weight balaclava and liner gloves in the pogies. That can keep me going to single digits if I am moving if I stop for any amount of time I have a packable down vest and heavier gloves.


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        A balaclava a good idea, retain a lot of heat .
        Noticed the face felt the brunt of the cold air.
        You wear it over the helmet of under ?


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          Under for sure


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