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    I am considering doing this trip. Any advice?? What spare parts would you take along? Time frame 3-4 days??

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    Enjoy it!!!! I like to start on the Paxson side and finish at Cantwell, although both ways work. I have done it in a day and have done it in 3 days, depends how hard you want to ride. I would suggest to stay the Alpine View Lodge for a night (Clearwater mountains). Watch out for DOT working on the road, the area that they are working on will be soft and muddy. As far as spare parts, bring a patch kit and a couple of extra tubes. Make sure you have put some loc-tite on nuts/ bolts. I have always done it with have someone drive a car with equipment, and just meeting us at pre-determined points for lunch, camping, etc. At this time of year, expect variable weather with the possibility of some snow near MaClearn Summit.
    here is my 3 day plan
    Day 1: drive to paxson, and bike to Tangle Lakes Campground (20 miles)
    Day 2: bike to Alpine View Lodge (50 miles)
    Day 3: Alpine View lodge to Cantwell (65 miles)


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      I would avoid Holiday weekends, and early hunting season, As the dust from heavy vehicle traffic if the road is dry would suck.
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        Dittos on the dust, I've driven it and was thinking it would make a great ride. Doing the ride with just enough rain to keep the dust down would be a good thing. Having a sag wag would really make for a nice trip.
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          frame mounted air pump/set o allen keys/bandana/tubes o course. Im looking fwd to this trip myself later in the year. when you going?


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