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  • Mtb Trailers?

    I've been riding my new 29" TRACTOR like crazy and I'm loving it. Planning to do some bike packing and some hunting with it this fall and that entails a trailer- Burley, Bob, etc.

    Strongly considering the BoB 28 Ibex or the Burley flatbed.

    I've pulled a kid trailer a bit when the youngin' was smaller but now I'm looking for a dedicated cargo trailer.

    Dual wheel? Single wheel? Suspension?

    Let me hear the good, bad and ugly of what you're using.
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    I have by far more experience pulling a BOB trailer over a dual wheel style. I think the dual wheels haul heavy loads (80 lb loads or heavier) better if the road/trail is wide enough. The BOB tracks very nicely behind the bicycles on narrow bumpy trails with no problems.

    I have hauled out a caribou and a black bear in a BOB trailer and it worked just fine. You can feel the weight back there a bit when its loaded down with the 80 or so pounds. I have just the BOB yak as most of the reviews and research I found that most felt the suspension was not worth the extra $$$.

    The one I did pull a dual wheel style I found it didn't track as well on some of the tighter portions of the trail I was on and was rougher over the bumps. That said, when you stop with a dual wheel the whole setup stands up a bit easier. With BOB its usually best to lay over the bike and trailer together when you want to stop or a break unless you are able to jackknife the bike/trailer in a manner that allows it to stand up, but that is not suggested with a heavy load IMO.

    Here are a few pics of our BOB trailers in action:

    Loaded with black bear meat and hide and some gear in mine on the left and the rest of the gear in my wife's on the left.

    My wife holding my bike up loaded up with some caribou meat:


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