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  • endurance/nutrition

    Looking for ideas. We have two dogs going to North Dakota for an pheasant/upland bird hunt in a couple of weeks. The dogs are going to be used for about 8 days straight, with 6 guys hunting over the dogs. The last time we went, we gave the dogs maltodextrin at the end of each day (within 10 minutes of getting back to the truck). It worked great and they seemed to recover quickly and did well throughout the hunt. We also used the Purina Pro Plan "power bars" throughout the day. I've been told that Purina quit making these power bars, and am looking for something similar as a replacement. We're looking at doing the maltodextrin again, or possibly using glycocharge instead. Figure mushers know a little bit about endurance, any advice or recommendations. Both dogs are in good shape, but thats a lot of days to hunt without rest.

    I already got the "get more dogs out there" recommendation, but at this point, not possible.

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    I'd suggest taking a dog that has at least one AKC Master National pass under her belt. Then all you'll have to worry about is just trying to keep up!

    I'm not sure I have any real secrets to share, but one thing to think about is trying to feed them as soon as they are done hunting for the day. Have it in the truck with you and actually feed them even before you leave the field for the Hotel. The one thing I consistantly see at the local sled dog events is that they feed and water their dogs right after they finish a race. After excercise, the dog's metabolisim is kicked into overdrive and you have about a half-hour window to take advantage of it. Feeding right away also maximizes the time they have available to digest it before you hunt them again the next day. I think it was Arleigh Reynolds that found dogs actually performed better and with more endurance when they hadn't been feed for 24 hours. Allowed everything to clear out their colons and kept things rubbing around their insides.

    Are you putting the supplement in with their normal kibble and mixing it with water when you feed them.

    Good luck on the hunt. And post up some pics when you get back.


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      Originally posted by Frenchy in AK View Post
      I'd suggest taking a dog that has at least one AKC Master National pass under her belt. Then all you'll have to worry about is just trying to keep up!
      I think the owner is a mutual friend as I've heard him mention your name.

      Yep, we got that one covered. We normally gave them the maltodextrin right at the end of the day, I bait with a little food as my lab is a chow hound and I can ensure he gets every bit of the maltodextrin (probably a little steel from the bowl too) when its baited.

      Really, what I'm looking for is a substitute for the purina proplan bar that they quit making. I'll post the pics when we get back.


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        Yep, I'm active in the local retriever club. I think I saw you post a picture or two on the 'fuge last year and recognized Derrick. And I knew he was getting ready for the same trip this year.

        Anyway, Greenies makes a Second Wind energy snack. I have no experience with the product, but have heard others reccomend them as an alternative to the purina bars.


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          A supplement bar is no greater than its components. Find out whats
          in the bars and make your own by making a mush and cooking it in
          in a muffin pan.


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            Question, this topic brings to mind my curiousity I've always had
            about dogs and metabolism and how similar or not to humans.
            We humans need to have steady small supplies of carbohydrates
            in the digestive tract to constantly release glucose into the
            blood stream. That is why gatorade for instance is highly
            recommended. But what about dogs? For a hundred thousand
            years wild predators chase prey with only meat and fat to eat.
            So how is their metabolism and digestive tracts different?


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