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    Hi all we just got our first husky. After researching a little on food brands im kinda curious what should i feed him. Ivge noticed alot of the common food brands have bad stuff in them like corn meal and such. I want him to be healthy and have a good life any help would be appreciated.


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    We feed the Eagle Pack line, they have a holistic and natural food lineup. I think many of the major brands do.

    I tried Innova, Canine Caviar, California Natural and Solid Gold. They all gave one of ours soft stool or diarhea. But they might work for you. We'd try a bag and by the end of the bag if that dog had stool issues we switched.

    Are you going to skijor or sled your sibe?


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      Ditto, Eagle pack for us too, our bullmastiff's do wonderful on it.
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        High quality dog food.

        I have 2 Akitas who are really picky eaters. I have used Ukenemba (probably mis-spelled) with great sucess. But lately I have been using Members Mark from Sam's Club. They have a high protein line, in the yellow bag, with 30% protein. I am sure it has some fillers in it, but my dogs get the protein they need. So far no loose stools. Hope this helps.


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          My husky/malanute loves Eagle Pack with a little salmon oil!!


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            I started feeding him eukanuba and he likes that. So I guess we will see how it goes.


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              Redpaw, I have been feeding their 32/20 for over a year and my dogs have done very well on it.


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