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    Hello, My daughter just got her first future musher. We would appreciate any tips, tactics, or training ideas that you may have to begin her training. Our pup is a 10 week old Alaskan Husky, pretty smart (aren't they all) and very curious. Thanks for your help.

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    You won't be able to mush that puppy until next season. We don't put our pups in harness and teach to pull until they are close to 6 months old.

    Start now by teaching the dog those simple, but all too important commands like "come", "sit", "stay" and "lie down" and then "heel". Later you may do some harness training- putting on and off the harness and teaching your pup not to chew it. That will give you and your daughter something to work on until next season when the dog will be old enough to start to learn to pull.

    Enjoy that new puppy!
    Grandma Lori
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