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  • Mushing & Overflow pics

    Some very unusual overflow around here lately right near the house, managed to get over that (frozen pressure ridges and such) and headed upriver, nice clear day, -10 and wall to wall sunshine, sunglasses definitely required:

    Got a couple miles upriver, into a nice frozen overflow patch with a layer of frost on top, good going. Normally you don't end up crashing through going upriver, as overflow is thicker the farther upstream you go, thinner at bottom end, but this ended up being just the opposite:

    The real pain of dealing with overflow is having to bonk the rig off after you go through it, but you can't bonk it off right away, have to travel a bit until the water freezes. It's just that the dogs can't really pull the rig through snow once it loads up with water like this. Anyway, here we are a quarter mile past the water, rig laid on can see how the ice builds up and slows us down:

    I use the back of trapping axe to bonk most of it off, then a scraper. Takes a bit of time. Same thing every time you go through overflow. Last pic is after we got home, why I like bunny boots so much. Did go over getting the rig out of that one spot, just a bit, but feet were toasty:

    Just another typical mush around here,
    Mark Richards

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    I never noticed your sled in previous pictures.

    Nice to see that necessity is still the mother of invention in some places.


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