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  • Yukon Quest Predictions!

    I'm sure you are all aware who I am rooting for...BRENT SASS gets my vote!!!

    Here's my top 5 reasons why...

    #5 - He is rock solid and given the economy and the competitiveness of sponsorships, this is the year he will prove himself and earn himself a bib in next year's Iditarod.

    #4 - I find it no surprise that Lance dropped out...they had a nice little writeup in the paper "why":rolleyes: I commend him for knowing the limits of his dogs, but he's not the only front-runner that dropped.

    #3 - Brent ran the last 100+ miles of the Copper Basin with no rest and his dogs were ready to continue on to The Hub when he arrived at the finish at Wolverine Lodge; Brent knows the strength of his team and the vets know that Brent knows his dogs.

    #2 - Lots of "Old Timers" competing, but I don't think their wisdom can trump the stamina of Brent and his team; not to mention that Brent has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the few short years he's been on the trail.

    #1 - I'm not going all the way up to Squarebanks with a bunch of beer to celebrate a second place victory! ...though I'll celebrate just the same as long as he makes it home safely!

    Okay, let's hear you compete with that!

    Follow the Quest and Brent's blog on his site www.wildandfreealaska.com

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