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  • Looking for a puppy.

    Does anyone know where some puppies are that are malamute or husky with mix type dog.....pref malamute mix. Not looking for a purebred, just a good puppy.

    This is for DenaliHub on here. They are looking for a puppy for up at the lodge.

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    Pups in progress...

    I might have just the kind of pups you want due in about 2 months.

    I have been breeding malamute mix freight dogs for about 9 years. We haul a lot of fire wood and building materials with them. My team of about 10 will haul an entire truck load of firewood in one trip if I have a sledge that can handle the load.

    Some have a little local trapping husky and Akita mixed in. Others have a little Great Pyrenees in them. The pups will be predominantly Malamute/Akita mix with a little trapline dog throwback genetics.

    If you're interested I might be able to post some pics of the parents and pups when they come along.


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      I am looking for a similar puppy as well! I would love to see pics of the parents if the pups aren't all spoken for. How much do you sell them for?


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