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Rest in Peace Susan Butcher.

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  • Rest in Peace Susan Butcher.

    Four time Iditarod champion Susan Butcher lost her fight with leukemia Saturday. Hearing of the loss of this courageous woman really touched us. It is a loss to everybody, Alaskan or otherwise. We met her in 2000, she was a class act and a true Alaskan.

    Many of us have family we know of that are fighting this disease. Cancer took my first wife at 32 only 12 years ago. Its not only an "old person's disease".

    My hope and prayer is that we can find a cure.
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    Saw it on the news this morning, what a terrible loss to mushing and Alaska. Seemed like just yesterday she was winning races and making a name for herself, now she is gone. Seems that cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone I know.


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      Our hearts and thoughts go out to David and the girls. It's sad indeed. Susan paved the way for so many other women to get into the sport of mushing. Both she and David have contributed so much over the years to dog care and showing the world about mushing. Here's a pic for Susan...still on the trail....
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      Mark Richards


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        A sad day for Alaska...

        Susan was a unique individual who will be sorely missed. Alaska is the poorer for her passing.

        I hope we all realize that we matter to someone, and I hope that knowing that fact will make us strive to be better people.

        I am not a dog musher (though I have stepped in many a pile of "dog mush"); but in looking at Mark's photo I can't help feeling a sense of loss at not knowing this experience of sliding along silently with little more than the sound of panting breath and the squeak of snow under the runners. Only one life to live here, and it's not nearly long enough to do even half of it.

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          a way to help

          i contribute to the american cancer society yearly. someday they will beat it.


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            My prayers and strength go out especially to her beautiful babies. And yes Susan, they WILL be amazing women.
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              Alaska and the dog sledding world lost a great person. Not only was she aIditarod champion but a great ambassador to the sport.
              Susan Butcher may your dog of the past ride you into the eternal light.
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                Susan meant alot to the people of Alaska and the rest of the world. Every time I saw her around town she was always very nice and very down to earth. I remember when I was just a kid and my grandmother gave me a story about her in the readers digest I knew I wanted to be a dog musher and live in Alaska. She was my Grandmothers hero and the first time I met Susan I could not wait to call my grandma and tell her what a nice person she was. It made her day and mine as well.


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