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Who's offering rides in end of December ?

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  • Who's offering rides in end of December ?

    My daughter who is a huge dog and sled fan is coming home for christmas from serving in the Air Force in Japan. I looked one year and it seemed most tour places weren't running at time because of snow. Does anyone know where and who I can get her a ride for a Christmas surprise? Any ideas or help would be appreciated
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    Please thank your daughter for serving our country!

    There are a number of kennels that operate on the Peninsula. I like Paul Gebhardt, Morning View Kennel, in Kasilof.

    If the snow is not there in December there are several kennels in the Willow area that offer everything from short rides to week long (+) adventures.
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      Monica Zappa and Tim Osmar. They live up in Caribou Hills and run dogs year round. They are generally on sleds by Thanksgiving. Give Monica a shout. I'm sure she would be happy to set your daughter up with a ride.


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