Weird winter so far, with no good snow yet. I've been running two malamutes at a time, starting with 3 mile runs, then 6 mile runs, now 9 mile runs. I always start with the two biggest, meat-headed juggernaughts, so by the time I'm sore from these 180 lb chunks of solid meat slamming harnesses, I get down to the more thoughtful females, who are so smart, they help you put there harnesses on, by lifting their paws, and waiting patiently. Each dog has an estimated 162 miles of pre-season training. I've only had two paw injuries: cracked pads. After two days rest, and a little anti-septic rub, they sealed up tough. Hoping for more snow, as it's easier on their paws.

These two meat-heads combined: Snoop and Kyrin weigh as much as 6-8 race dogs. Luckily, after six years of breed refinement, I get no dog fights. It was hard in the beginning, trying to break up a fight between these gladiators. Give a malamute a job, and all that bad behavior goes away. They don't do well, being gelatinous substances known as house pets.