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Seavey "dog doping allegations" My response to C. Medred's coverage:

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  • Seavey "dog doping allegations" My response to C. Medred's coverage:

    Craig, I noticed youíre typically obsessed with three things: slandering competitive mushers, bear encounters with humans and salmon subsistence issues. Broaden your thick skull a bit ehh? Donít be an old dog intolerant of objectivity. Youíre journalistic style frequently leaves the realm of sound investigative journalism. Rather, your journalistic style oftentimes approaches theoretical thinking out loud, and temper tantrums when folks wonít interview with you. These temper tantrums manifest in your use of unfounded slander, and controversial titles based on ignorance.
    Iím a traditional Native American musher, that uses larger dogs for winter fishing, hunting, and hauling firewood. I donít obsess over these racers, and neither should you. I want to share some facts with you, as youíre not a musher, and quite clueless. I want you to address them please:

    1. Dallas Seavey is a stickler for the rules, more so than any competitive musher youíll ever meet. Iím not a fan of him, but he is a straight shooter.

    2. There has indeed been two occasions of animal rights activists pretending to be fans, winning the trust of certain mushers, attempting to film documentaries, when behind the scenes, they were deceiving these mushers and were out to cast mushers in a negative light, and did so with documentaries or news stories spiked with fictitious materials. That is a fact, ask ANY musher.

    3. The use of the word ďDopingĒ with this incident is incorrect. Lance Armstrong used a performance enhancing substance. Tramadol, used to sedate dogs and relieves dogs in pain, leaves them as nonperforming sloths. The biggest side effects: drowsiness and dizziness. Ask ANY veterinarian if your thick skull will allow.

    4. There IS a security problem in the protection of Iditarod dogs, mushers, and their property.

    a. Mushers have had there belongings stolen, food drops missing, etc. Some have even had to scratch, due to missing food drops.

    b. Consider this: Aliy Zirkle was so terrorized by that psychotic killer on the snow machine, she suffered emotionally after the incident.
    Nobody could protect her, she was a sitting duck. The same with Jeff king, as he picked up only pieces left of his dog, one of his best friends. Iím not a fan of him either, but that that tough old SOB internalized the trauma, and pushed on.

    5. If youíve ever spent thousands of dollars on dog care and worked along side Alaskan vets, you would know that Tramadol comes in pill form, injected form, and irresistible chewables. Itís plausible that any keen husky nose would dial in on one of those Tramadol chewables tossed within proximity of them in Nome, without a single person detecting the incident.

    6. Dallas Seaveyís dogs didnít fail a drug test, the Iditarod officials failed him and his dogs, just like they failed Scott Smith, when they over-stuffed a plane with too many dogs, killing one of his best friends (carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation) as well:

    In closing,

    Craig, I wish you the best with your coverage, and I mean you no harm. I expect the same, so donít even think about lashing out at me. Stop on by anytime to jump on some sled runners, or feel free to email me if you have any dog related questions, my bloodline has been running dogs for thousands of years.

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    Yesterday night, within hours of Seavey's response, someone had load this on wikipedia, the derranged animal rights activists are merciless, manipulative peoples. Hunters, trappers, and dog mushers have never seen it this bad:

    Dallas Seavey (born March 4, 1987[1]) is an American dog musher, who won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race across the U.S. state of Alaska in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017, four of Dallas Seavey's dogs tested positive for a banned substance.


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      last night, it stated on wikipedia after the dog doping sentence: "This casts a shadow over Seavey's career". Today, I see that was deleted.


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        Originally posted by mainer_in_ak View Post
        Yesterday night, within hours of Seavey's response, someone had load this on wikipedia, the derranged animal rights activists are merciless, manipulative peoples. Hunters, trappers, and dog mushers have never seen it this bad:
        I think you're over stating this a whole bunch. First, how do you know this Wiki posting was by a derranged and merciless animal rights person? Secondly, the fact that he was named as a doper does cast a shadow, much like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemans and Lance Arnstrong. This could have been posted by just about anybody, and is in fact thruthful
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          I'm not normally a pile on poster, but I can't resist this time.

          GREAT stuff Mainer



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            So many chances for food to be tampered with or for dogs to be given the medication without the musher knowing that if this was to follow a drug case for a human - the chain of custody would be laughed out of court. How many people touch the dogs? How many volunteers help with food and hay, etc. As a medical provider, I doubt Tramadol would be a drug of choice for PEDs and I think that Dallas needs to fight as hard as he can.


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              Hallelujah, Very well said.


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                for sure b.

                Craig and I found some common ground in our exchange, which is good. I wish Craig the best with his coverage and I hope this issue subsides for both the race, and Dallas.

                Bee, you have far more medical experience than most.

                I only have one experience with Tramadol and dogs:

                It was used as emergency medicine in the field as I sewed up by hand another person's dog. Though not my dog, it was bred to be a high energy athlete. This young dog was gashed open by another dog, the gash as big as my palm.

                Years ago, I sewed up by hand, one Iraqi dude that was gashed open by shattered glass. I admitted this to the owner of the dog. The consesus was that I would be the one to sew up the dog.

                I bent a glovers needle over a flame and proceeded to stitch up the high-strung dog with 6 lb test fishing line that was half azzed sterilized in a bowl of peroxide.

                Much to the surprise of myself and another, that dog was a calm as could be, very much sedated to a level of calmness I never thought possible.

                After the decent stitch-job, the dog had no depth perception, sluggishly walking into objects and very sloth-like for days on a minimum dose of the drug.

                I couldn't see any dog running a 9-10 mph pace from White Mountain to Nome after having digested Tramadol.


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                  I saw that and agreed with it. For whatever it's worth I have no opinion about whether or not Dallas is culpable but good Lord the Iditarod screwed this situation up really badly (as they have many others). I'm not that thrilled that Craig is clearly trying to smear Dallas.
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                    Dallas knew that his dogs would be tested even the simplest of minds would take a chance . Dallas is of not of a simple mind he is hard working and devoted to mushing .


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