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  • Palmer Air Fair

    Curious who is going? I am going to go and check out the seminars I think. I should be far enough into training by then to at least be able to understand them (mostly). :think:

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    I didn't know about it. Sounds interesting.


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      Hmmm......did not know about this one, I always go to the big one sponsored by the Alaska Airmens Association in Anchorage at the Fedex hangar.........And the valdez fly-in.....Supercubs and Aviat Huskies are my interest !!!


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        I do not Know if there is a show in the works for this year. Last two years I believe.

        Arctic from Arctic Air Academy was involved. Might give him a call.


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          The short field clinics by the 99s (a great organization) are usually very good. I will be on floats, so I may have to borrow a friends plane on wheels. A few years ago I went with a buddy in his C-210. We flew it at gross weight with both of us on board during the STOL stuff. Taking turns at the controls landing and taking off. The old C-210 did a lot better than I thought it would have been able to do...
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