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  • Using ForeFlight?

    Anyone here using that application for aviation weather, airport directory & flight plan filing with Maps, TFRs, TAFs, METARs, & more.

    I know one guy here that uses it and he likes it a lot. Says it's simple and more importantly it's affordable.

    If you use it or know someone that does here in Ak please post your thoughts and comments.



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    I run it on my iPhone and iPad. It's awesome! Really easy to use, really convenient for getting the latest weather, looking up airport info, filing flight plans, etc. I haven't even scratched the surface on all it's capabilities, definitely worth it. FYI, you can run it on both iPhone and iPad and only pay for it once. Pretty sweet that they let you do that considering they're really separate apps.


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      Wait for iPad3

      Thanks Sewell - Been looking at diff options to implement. Mostly want in flight weather.

      I saw Baron has just built a device to now give in flight XM weather to the iPad. But I think the sub is maybe $200/yr.

      You'd think the darn Feds that created DUATS wld implement it so we GA guys could use it in flight but no..

      Also, hear it wld be a good idea to wait for iPad3 later this year. That's supposedly where the real improvements will be added.



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        I use it. I agree it is awesome. I bought the upgrade to the pro edition to get the geo-referencing on the approach plates. I flew a practice ILS into Kenai and the VOR into Big Lake. It worked great! I would really recommend it.


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