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Looking for CFI in Palmer/Sutton area

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  • Looking for CFI in Palmer/Sutton area


    I am looking for a CFI in the Palmer/Sutton area, I am looking to finish up my pilots licence starting mid May to early June. I will be flying in my Dads PA-18 super cub, he will be doing a majority of the instruction but I will need an official CFI to sign off on my solo endorsements and solo cross country endosements once im ready. I still have to get the plane off of floats which I will do early May and get the plane annualed. The plane does not have insurance or an ELT (I am not planning on flying over super remote areas), I tried to contact caledonian and it turned into a big goat rope, I could not even get a quote and I dont know any brick and mortar local aircraft insurers. I have about 40 hrs in a C-150/152 and have all of my control tower time out of merril and almost all of my night flying time, I just need to get re-soloed and get my cross countrys done and take my check ride (which is no small feat but I should be able to do everything out of Sutton where the plane is tied down at a private strip). I have my class 3 medical done already as well. I have also heard of a few horror stories about trying to get a check ride scheduled with an FAA examinar (it took so long things started to expire on people) so hopefully the CFI that I find can help me negotiate that obstical, I dont want to start this again and not finish. My next step will be to buy a pitts S1S and start taking acrobatic lessons out of willow in a champion but thats next summer (2012).

    Also I have passed my writen once when I was flying the C150 but it has expired so I will have to redue that as well (I got an 88 the last time). I will start restudying for that late april after I finish up my electromagnetics class at UAA (trying to do a masters lol).

    If I get lucky this CFI will know of heated hangar space to rent in the birchwood/palmer/wasilla area on a paved strip for around 400$ a month to keep my little pitts S1S.

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