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  • Fave non-Piper, non-Cessna

    I guess there is no need for any of us to sing praises for the fine Pipers or Cessnas that crowd every airport. What is your favorite non-Piper, non-Cessna for bush flying?

    When I finally break down and put my money on the table, I'd like a high power maule 7. I believe there is now a 260 hp version available, but I'd be happy with the 235.

    I think the Champ (and the Sedan, for that matter) is also an underrated bush plane.

    BUt for me, by far, the Taylorcraft F-19 is my favorite "off brand" bush plane. I'd like a low-timer with the auto gas STC, wheels, skis, and floats, and a $35,000 price tag. That's hard to beat, in my opinion. That is some low cost back country flying fun right there!

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    I love my Sedan, but I know many people who swear by their T-Crafts. The biggest problem with Taylorcrafts, in my opinion, is if you're much over six feet tall it isn't going to work.

    There was an outfit in Anchorage a while back (okay, quite a while back) who was renting out a T-Craft for eighteen bucks an hour, I wanted to fly that plane so bad, but there was no way I was ever going to fit my 6'6" body into that thing. What a disappointment!
    Louis Knapp


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      Everything is a compromise, but the Cessna 208 is coming pretty close to being perfect IMHO. As far as non Piper or Cessna, and for personal flying, I've always thought the Stinson 108 isn't a bad choice.


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        Never flown a Stinson, but most people I know who do like them. I saw a couple in the Anchorage paper for what looked like reasonable prices.

        Cessna you mean the Caravan? They are nice flying airplanes, but personally, if I had an extra $1.3m lying around I'd pick up a Grumman Goose, a couple of spare R985's and save the change for gas! <g>
        Louis Knapp


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          non cessna or piper

          I have always had a love affair with the Stinson 108 and from what I have heard, with the O-360 in it, it can be a real performer. I guess the fact that Grandpa owned one and he had a profound influence on me my have something to do with it.

          I guess if it has to float then maybe a Lake Anphibian or a good old beaver. For fixed gear then maybe a Aviat Huskey or a Helio Courier.

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            I'd love to have my old 85 HP champ again. Hard to beat for just plain old fun flying.
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              I'll back the champs. No'one wants an airplane in which a scratch will ruin your day. I have a citabria. (basically an electric semi-newer champ). I know lots of folks with all different citabrias, 7eca, 7gcaa, 7gcbc, 8gcbc, who are all quite satisfied including myself. -tony


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                favorite Alaska bush plane..

                It begins and ends with Twin Otter.


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                  Twin Otter

                  Holy cow. I couldn't even afford to put the gas in a twin otter.


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                    Me either. Dont know who could. But they sure are fun to fly, and can do just about anything you can think of in any kind of weather!


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                      I watch them all day long and nothing out preforms a helocourer


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                        Super Stinson

                        I've flown different tail draggers but the T-craft was a favorite. Hard to believe what performance could be got from that little 65hp. engine, and oh, those big wings.
                        Of course I'm now very partial to the Stinson and have found that the old timers who say 'whatever you can load into a Stinson, it will get it off the ground or water". That's true especially with 230hp.
                        They're all great though aren't they? Especially if the little wheel is on the tail!


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                          True. I'm too tall for T-Crafts, but haven't heard much bad about them from folks who've flown them for any amount of time. I considered buying an L-2, which is a tandem, military observation version of the Taylorcraft, I sat in it, and actually fit. It would have been a fun plane but I already had the Sedan and passed. It was being sold for about $6000.00, I believe, by an aircraft dealership at Merrill (I think it was run by a guy named Dari) I uttered the famous last words of all who've passed up on airplane deals that they later regret: "those things will always be cheap." My father said the same thing when they were selling Stearmans for $200.00 after WWII. (He saved the money for moving to Alaska and I'm happy about that!)
                          Louis Knapp


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                            non piper - non cessna

                            I am 6' 2" and I've over 3000 hours in the t-craft I love it , 5.5 gph . Most the time on floats now days, but spent alot of time on wheels also. I've hauled 3 wheelers, cabin packages, moose, you name it, on floats. I also have a PA 12 , but love the t craft.


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                              I just have to chime in for the Maule. All aviation involves compromises. I fly a 210 h.p. M-5, and have learned that the plane gives up its secrets slowly. It carries a little too much energy on touch down, but you learn to manage it. I sometimes wish I had more horsepower and the longer wing of the M-7. All in all the Maule is a great value.



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