Alaska Helicopter Jobs in '09?



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  • Alaska Helicopter Jobs in '09?

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I am wondering if there is any chance of getting a helicopter job in AK. I have 5100TT 4000AG 1200Turbine all fixed wing but just over 100 Commercial Helicopter. Any advice or leads would be nice. Thank's

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    You might try Air Logistics in Fairbanks. I'm not a helicopter pilot myself, but It's been my observation that a large number of summer helicopter jobs involve living in a tent. Of course some people love that and some don't....Louis
    Louis Knapp


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      helicopter pilot

      I work for a company that runs between 3-7 A-stars each year depending on different contracts. Talking with the boss the other day and he said that summer contracts are way down. Sounds like a lot of the mining ops that we have been working with are scaling back a little this summer. For the A-stars we require about 3000 hrs helicopter with a lot of that being turbine before the boss even takes your resume serious.
      I would look into Jay Hawk Air in Anchorage. The run R44s for various operations.


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        Thank's for the information I will give them a call.


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