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150 VS 160 horse

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  • 150 VS 160 horse

    If you had the chance to upgrade your 150 hp to 160 hp would you? Would the 10 hp make a big difference, would it justify using straight AVGAS(cost wise), and would it change the Value of an Aircraft are all questions I've been pondering.

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    I'm in the same boat come next winter. I'm all about more horsepower, but i'm not willing to give up cheap fuel and fuel availability off of the road system. So i'll be sticking with the 150 unless they let us start running regular grade auto fuel through the 160.



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      I don't own a plane but of the ones I've rented 115hp, 150hp, 160hp and 180hp the extra 10hp didn't give me the performance I would expect for the money. The most performace upgrades I've noticed were from 115 to 150 and 150 to 180. I'd same my money and go big if i did it. But then again I still don't own a plane. My .02.


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        Hi Terry, you can also look at a high performance exhaust systems and pick up HP that way and still use the mo-gas. There has been some controversy over the exhaust systems and there are a couple of different ones. A friend of mine got one for his 206 and it didn't work out at all for him. Sorry that's all I know about them. In the last short-wing piper news there was an article on a new exhaust system that doesn't mod anything but the inside of the muffler and adds HP. Just some food for thought. Tom


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          I can tell the difference in a Cub! I've never heard a Cub owner say he'd rather have a 150 to a 160. I know several who've upgraded. My Cub is a 160.

          You can get an auto gas STC for the 160 but it requires 91 octane. I like avgas myself. I've burned regular car gas when that's what I had and it worked just fine. I'll do it again, too, but when I have the choice I'll use avgas every time.


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            Flew a 150 gcbc for several years. Would change to a flatter prop when I wanted extra performance.
            Had the 150 overhauled and upgraded to 160. Didn't need the flatter prop anymore. At the time of the overhaul, aero recip in Anchorage said the 160 would increase the value of the plane.
            Unfortunately, with the cost of avgas I would disagree. I think it actually lowered the value. Was hard to sell the plane when I wanted to sell it. With the current high price of avgas, and the few places that sell it, I would not recommend going to 160.
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