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    Does anyone know of an air service or good pilot who could give some kayakers a lift to sheep lake for a happy river trip out of Skwentna? We want to take a boat from Willow to Skwentna and fly from there, hopefully we can save alot of $$$
    Thanks Mark O.

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    If you're trying to get boats (kyaks) out there, the only option will be making two trips, one with a float plane making an external load that precludes carrying any paying clients at the same time. The second load will carry the bodies. Willow Air has the Beavers and Denali Air has the smaller planes and therefore better rates. Both good outfits but in my experience, Barry & Kirsten @ Denali are great and straight arrow!
    One other long term option may be to have someone with a snow machine to frieght your boats out now (better be soon) and stash them somewhere accessable later in the year. There's a better than average chance that the bears will have a great time with them though.....


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      Mark, did you say airplane and save money in the same sentence?


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        I got quoted almost $1200.00 from Willow, so i am looking for alternatives.


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          A stretch

          Maybe you can catch someone on a backhaul but your request is sort of unrealistic....
          1. No air taxis operate from Skwentna. (unless something changed recent)
          2. If the air taxi operates out of willow, it still costs money to get it to Skwentna and back. Somebody has to pay, right? Maybe you can catch Denali Air when he hauls someone to Skwentna or something but really??? Just book it.
          3. If there are no air taxis in Skwentna, why on earth would you want to start your flying from there? If the air taxis are in Willow, you flying starts there (whether you think it does or not). Skip your "boat to Skwentna" part of the plan and fly all your crap from willow for $1200. That's a DEAL. Save the $$ it costs to haul the boat and drive the boat.
          I own a couple of airplanes. They are expensive to operate. I know the general perception is that air taxis are making a fortune off of people. They're not. Good luck on your trip.


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            Obviously I did not not know there were no service or private pilots out of Skwentna, or I would not have asked such a silly question.
            And yes!!!! i would expect to save money on a flight out of Skwentna since sheep lake is 25 miles away, instead of 100 from the other option.
            I figured it might be cheaper to take a small boat to Skwentna and leave it, fly from there, take the boat back home.
            Anyway i guess you answered my question, but maybe try to understand the question before you bark.
            One more thing,I realize it is expensive to fly planes, but I would be an idiot not to try and save money.
            Thanks all


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              If you used inflatable kayaks you could get it all done with one drop off and pick up save half the money.


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                You misinterperted me answering your question as "barking"?. I am only trying to tell you that the plane has to be paid for from and back to Willow (or anchorage or wherever) so you probably won't save much. The money saved by boating kayaks up would be lost in plane ferry money. It seems by your reply you are offended and are indeed the only one "barking". I never meant to imply your question was "silly". Just trying to help. Let me know if I gave you bad advice. Sorry.


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                  Trail Ridge, Rusts, Regal, Ellison, etc all run folks to Lake Creek on floats. If you coordinate with one of them the trip from Skwentna/Fish Creek/Lake Creek would be feasible for a good price. Call and ask. They're in the business to accommodate guys like you. It's a win-win.


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                    Hey Mark

                    Please for give us. It's toward the end of winter. We are not a fun loving bunch right now. I speak for only my self. I have friends up that way. Nice people.


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                      Markoathout, appartently you never been to Skwentna. Just because it has a name and a landing strip does not make it a town. Skwentna and the area is close but is still considered back country with limited resources. Most everything has to be boated, flown or brought in with sleds. Wish you luck and hopefully you can save some coin.



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                        Thanks plane guys

                        Many of you have been very helpful. I am sorry to clog your threads with my drivel but hey, this is information gathering central.
                        I have never been to the great place called Skwentna,and really appreciate the input
                        We have planned this for awhile, the Happy is one of 4 whitewater rivers in Alaska in which Embick gave a 5 star rating to, meaning it is going to be awesome.
                        I have got my price down to 900.00 dollars from Alaska Bush Service in a 206. Also, I have a friend who guides over there and may be able to give us a lift home,so that will help too.
                        Thanks again ,even you grumpy guys who are just mad because the volcano is threatening to ground you for the whole summer
                        Be safe MO


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                          Try Willow Air out of Willow. If you can go in a smaller plane they now have a Bush Hawk which is about the size of a 206 and they fly into Sheep lake. You can get picked up on wheels at Sqetna to save a few bucks also.


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