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  • Float Plane ID

    I was wondering if anyone remembers a charter company that, if memory serves me correctly, operated out of Anchorage in the late '80s -called "Million Air". (I might be wrong on the name) As a kid, I grew up on Armin F. Koerning Hatchery AKA Port San Juan in PWS and remember this company delivering mail out to the hatchery for a short time after Chisum left. "Million Air" operated at least 1 or 2 beavers which were painted white and had black and red totem pole markings down the stripe line of the fuselage. I am just curious as to what happend to the plane/company. I am not a pilot, (no way can I afford it right now!) but I have a small collection of photos of the DH-2's that used to service the sound. I'm just curious if any one knows which company I'm talking about and if they have any pics of the beavers. Thanks, Chris Mattson
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    Million Air

    There's a company by that name operating out of Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. HERE'S A LINK to their site. I believe they are out of Dallas Texas though. Might be a different company.

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      Million Air

      Thanks for the reply. I checked the website you referenced and that company is a different company since the one that I'm thinking of just operated a couple of Beavers and possibly a cessna.
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