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  • New Private Property Airstrip in the Anch Muni

    Okay... I know these are the days of civil suits and bureaucratic red tape, but what's the reality of picking up 10-20 acres in Anchorage, getting the city to grant you a conditional use permit, and putting in your own personal cub strip?

    I've heard rumors that with all the little airparks around, they're getting leery of anything new. I've also heard of a private strip way out Eagle River Road that was shut down by the neighbors in the '90s. I didn't know this was even possible. I guess just because you own your own land doesn't mean you can use it.

    I just don't want to live 100 feet from another house - I'd like to be on 10+ acres, but be able to take off from my house. And I don't want to live on a cliff above Upper Fire lake.

    Bernard seems like a decent option near the base of Hiland Dr, I just don't like the North exposure/view, etc... I have this sinking feeling I'll either have to park my plane at Birchwood/Merrill, etc, or live close to someone else.

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    Good luck

    You must have a good job! Picking up 10-20 acres in Anchorage is next to impossible even with the right checkbook. You have to get "permission" to use it as a private airstrip then from the muni I guess. Make sure you have a good plan with the muni before you commit.
    I got the third hand info on the guy who got "shut down" up the Eagle River valley. Its a true story unfortunately. I can't remember all the details but I remember he lost a fortune in lawyer fees and all the money to build a strip and buy the land, etc.
    My .02: Look at the Mat Valley if you can swing the drive. Save yourself the headache. Anc. Muni is unreasonable for simple things, let alone a strip.


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      I know the Valley holds alot more options, just EVERYTHING I do is in Anch. Money's not an issue, but sometimes, all the money in the world can't create what you're looking for. Covenents and community councils can't be bought.

      The closest I've found is the Bernard strip on lower Hiland. My wife just feels "naked" since the entire 7 acres is cleared. We'd like to avoid being able to see our neighbor's house from our - and that's possible with about 200 feet of trees for a buffer. I want to be able to run a chainsaw and a dirtbike around my yard too without the neighbor freaking out.

      Does anyone know if there are any truly private airstrips in the Anchorage muni? Private as in only the owner uses it, or someone else he allows.

      Also, here's an off the top of my head list of airparks (land and water) in the muni:

      1. Huffman
      2. Cange
      3. Campbell Lake
      4. Sand Lake
      5. Bernard (in progress)
      6. ????

      Thanks guys!!


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        just an FYI the mat-su borough has been taking steps and making noise about documenting all strips in the valley and start some sort of regulating them as well. So mat-su may not be the answer for much longer.

        As to pulling this off in Anchorage, I really think that is going to be difficult.
        Thanks, Matt

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          As far as I know the only "private airstrip"s in Anchorage are Sky Harbor/O'malley and Flying Crown.
          -Out-of-State for school, remembering why I love Alaska so much


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            The guy up Eagle River was shutdown because there was not continuous use of the airstrip from the time it was originally built. The neigbors who sued were lawyers that moved in, shut him down, and then moved to Chugiak. Good way to make a couple bucks off of the unsuspecting.
            As far as I know Bernard has had continuos use. He is the original owner and makes sure someone is always using it. Talk to a lawyer before buying.
            No new legal strips in the Anchorage bowl.


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              Great info guys - thanks! It just seems to me that will enough serving, networking, backscratching, and donating, anything's possible. If you figured it would take 10 years and you served on the Eagle River Community Council and gave to every three-legged dog cause, then respectfully presented your request - it just may happen.

              Also, if I'm the only one using it, traffic would be SO minimal it's silly. Anything can be reversed too...


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                And by private - I mean truly PRIVATE, not a residential airpark. I would be the only one using it 90% of the time unless a friend borrowed it to visit or something. Or I might let one or two friends park there, etc.


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