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need a pilot and a plane

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    yellow pages

    i plan on making a bunch of calls tomorrow, but what would be a reasonable price range to be looking at for the kenai peninsula?


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      landing there

      Its refuge so you can't legally land in the flats there I don't think. Certain lakes are legal but if the lake ice gets rotten while you are in there (or the week prior) you are SOL. I don't know if anyone would do it but call the guy at moose pass. Google it. I'd walk in personally. Done it and its not bad. I would imagine you will pay $1000 for the flight but it all depends on where it originates. Very open ended question really. If the moose pass place will do it, it should be much less than an Anchorage charter for example. You will just have to call around. (double check this stuff for yourself, I am "shooting from the hip")
      just my .02 but I own an airplane and I would walk in
      Good luck.


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        walking in

        you said you have walked in, where did you start at, and how long did it take you to reach the cabin and have you done it that time of year? Do i need snow shoes in the first two weeks of april?


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          Originally posted by mudman1 View Post
          Do i need snow shoes in the first two weeks of april?
          You will want them, for the hunt, even if they are not needed to get to the cabin. Remember a 200# man packing 100# bear coat, in rotten snow when sizing shoes. I would expect you will need them, even at cabin elevation, on first half of April.
          ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, balls'to the wall, the pedal floored, full throttle, it is a delightful place, to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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            What he said....

            Walk the reserrection trail. Depending upon snow conditions you could bike but it probably a bit early yet. Watch out for avalanches. We had one cross the trail behind us before in the spring.


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              I've biked the whole trail from Snug Harbor to the Russian River Campground. I did it around the first week of June and the Forest Service people hadn't been through to clear the deadfalls yet. We had to haul our bikes/packs over about 30 of them. I'd say the upper lake is probably 10 or 12 miles from the trail head on the Russian River side and roughly equidistant from the Snug Harbor side. In summer the Russian River side of the trail is generally better, but expect the whole trail to be covered in deep snow during your proposed time period. There's no freaking way I'd want to walk that far in with the probable conditions and gear, let alone back out with a bear hide. I'm pretty sure the only viable place to land around the Upper Russian Lake (anywhere near the cabin) is on the lake itself. I'd second the motion about talking with the guys out of Moose Pass. They would probably know the condition of the area lakes that time of year. There are plenty of bears in that area! Good luck!


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