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    I would like to know if any of you have had a chance to fly the Mountain Goat aircraft. If so, what do you think? It looks great on paper.

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    Mt Goat

    I have never flown it, I'm not sure many have since it is still in developement and going through the certification process. I have seen it up close and it is a beautiful airplane. If the performance matches the craftsmanship then it should be a great airplane. Last I heard there were some hangups/delays with certification and the funding was starting to runout and the owner was deciding whether to go into production or market as a homebuilt/experimental. I haven't heard anything new in the last few months.
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      Bill wrecked the Goat several months ago. I don't remember the extent of the damage. I haven't seen it around since. Did he repair/rebuild it?


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        I think it looks really nice. I would love to own it some day.


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          Digging up a very old thread.... Anyone know where these planes went? Did they ever make it to production?


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            No, the company assets were sold off a couple of years ago including the demo airplane. I don't know if it had been repaired after it's last bending. To my knowledge there are only two Mountian Goats. The demo that lived in Wasilla and another that was owned by a few partners in Pennsylvania. I traded emails with one of those guys a few years ago. He liked the airplane a lot.


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              Lame. I figured so as there wasn't much info and no one was talking about them. Sounded like a great aircraft.


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