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  • Buy in Alaska or Lower 48

    Just for argument sake would it make a difference? Is there any reason that you would buy in the lower vs Alaska besides what might be the obvious of you wanted something special and could only find it down here. How far would you fly back? Not sure of the right q's to ask, so what would your different lines of think be on the matter? Thanks for the input.
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    It depends

    From what I've seen prices up here are generally higher than the L48. I think one big reason is that Alaska is somewhat insulated from the economic problems of the L48. I've been shopping for "that" aircraft for a while. I thought I found it but Terry bought it first The best thing about buying up here is that I can dive to most airports in a day - even Fairbanks - and poke and prod the aircraft myself. I also have a couple of A&P friends who will go look with me and give me their opinions. That being said, if the right plane jumped out at me in the L48 I'd fly from Florida or Maine to AK. I think that'd be the trip of a life time.

    My .02 worth.

    Jeff :eek:


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      One thing you can find in Alaska are mod's depending on what kind of plane your looking for. At one time alot of modifications were allowed up here that were not allowed in the lower 48, and now are not allowed up here either(even simple stuff). Even today oversized tires are a everyday mod, but in the lower 48 it is next to impossible without an STC. Plus you got to figure 4 or 5 grand to transport it and you must have the hard registration. As far as an airplane being rode hard or neglected its a crapshot either way.



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        After searching for a particular aircraft in AK for about six months I only found models rode hard and put away wet. I bought mine in WA instead and had an adventure flying up. My thought is any savings found in buying something a bit cheaper outside will be eaten up by the cost of the trip up the highway, though it is worth the money IMHO!

        Can't go wrong either way so long as you get the airplane you are looking for...EXCEPT airplanes outside are a bit harder to kick the tires on without buying airline tickets.


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          I have ferried a bunch of planes up here for guys who were tiored of looking at planes that had never seen the insdie of a hanger.

          Some of them were is super shape from the desert states, good books and competing maintainence companies can be a good thing.
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            I flew a Pacer from Bangor , ME to Anc two years ago and it was the best flight of my life. Took me 7 days and cost me about $3000.00 for everything a-z except airline tickets for you and a co-pilot. So if you look at it in terms of cash, and time it works out to the diference in price of buying in Alaska and the lower 48. This May I'm flying another Pacer up from PDX mostly I love flying and its a great trip.


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