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    First I plan on replacing my 29" GarAero's (33 pounds unshaven) with Bush wheels. I basically have 3 choices, Since I have a gross weight of 1650. 1. New 29" airstreaks ($2500) at 27 pounds. 2. New 29" ($3100) Alaska Bush Wheels at 31 pounds or 31" ($3400)at 32 pounds. Is there really that much difference in the tires and their handling. Weight all seems to be a wash. Oh, yea I did not forget the $250 for shipping.


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    Are you looking to sell the wheels and or tires? If so, I would be interested.


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      My question would be? Were your old tires good enough for what you like to do? If so find something comparable. If you are looking for an upgrade, then get the 31's.

      I went from 8.50's to 31's. 2 things that jumped out at me after a couple stop and goes. Shorter takes offs which i attribute to a better angle of attack. On landing the 31's really grabbed (Goose Bay) and I got stopped quicker. I had to put brake boosters on with the new tires so the shorter stopping distance is partly attributed to that, but it also takes more energy to roll those big tires and I could really feel it on touchdown.

      The other thing: a friend and I were on a snow covered lake in the spring. It was packed by snowmachine and the 31's performed fine. We took the ski's off of the other plane and put on an older set of 26" bushwheels and it was a battle of jacking and throttle to get him out to the really hard packed trail.

      So buy the biggest tires you can afford.



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        What are you flying? I guess the biggest question is what do you think you'll need? If it was me I'd get the 29 Airstreaks, because the are a good amount cheaper (thats $600 more gas money). But if you are really going to be rough on it, just go for the 31s.
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          Flying and tires

          Im flying a 7GCBC, scout gear, VG's, 8040 prop. and currently have like new gar aero's on the plane. One big reason I'm thinking of buying new bush wheels is I heard they soften the landing and places less stress on the gear box compared to my hard gar aeros. Some times I land in some pretty rocky places. I know my tailwheel has took a pounding. Oh, lets not forget the cool factor.



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