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  • Conditions - Beluga Lake, Homer

    Does Beluga Lake get much ski plane use in the winter?
    Anybody know of current/recent conditions down there?
    I know there are other activities on the lake like skating and racing.
    Does anybody groom a ski strip?
    Any info, tips, or recommendations appreciated.
    Thanks, David

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    It is NOT safe to land there right now. There is standing water on top of the ice.
    The problem with Beluga lake has always been that every nut case teenager in town feels the need to blast across the lake in a pick-up truck, all winter long.

    Plus they have the ice race track out on the ice, (now full of water) that brings folks out there to watch the demolision derby stuff.

    Where there are no cars, you have kids ice skating or snow-machining if there is snow.
    It has been like this since the 1960s.

    We need a ski strip down here. For years we have trying to talk the DOT guys into dumping the airport snow in the field next to the runway. They resist because ERA does not want parallel runway operations or some such BS.

    An even better place for a ski strip would be up on the ridge above town where the extra elevation of 1,000 ft MSL means the occasional warm winter sea storms would not melt away all the snow. there were a few up here by my house years ago, but the good places all have houses stuck on them now...
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