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    Hey All, Just thought I would let everyone know that I suggested to the webmaster that he start a new forum for Bush Flying and /or Aircraft. He already has forums for ATV's, Boats, Snowmachines, etc, etc, and I thought it would be a good idea to have one for our aviation friends as well. He sounded very favorable to the idea so I wanted to pitch it to you the members. Let's all show him that this is a good idea and that we will support a forum like this.

    P.S.- I love to fly (200+hrs so far) and I'm an A&P/IA currently building an experimental project to further my hunting addiction.
    I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy!
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    Bush flying forum

    A bush flying forum would be awesome!


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      Excellent Idea

      Sounds like a winner for sure, go for it!! Rick


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        Alaskan flying

        I've always thought a flying forum would be informative and appealing too. My aircraft is a C-172 nose dragger - not really a bush plane but I have spent plenty of time flying "over" the bush. I am currently getting ready to ferry back to AK from IL. I do not look forward to the fuel bill but it will probably work out the same as a commercial ticket.


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          Great idea! I'm currently in the process of restoring an Aeronca Sedan.
          Louis Knapp


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            I fly a 172 XP, but am learning to fly a Super Cub this summer. Next summer it'll be the Cessna on floats, and then the Cub on skis. Love it!



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              Good idea

              A flying/aircraft forum sounds good, and logical.

              As a side note, I was wondering if any of you pilots ever attend EAA in Oshkosh, WI? For those who don't know, that's the Experimental Aircraft Association. It's a big thing here, last year we had Space Ship One and the builder of it and there are always famous aviators like General Chuck Yeager here. If you're into aviation, it's definitely a must-see event. Just thought I'd ask.



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                I have not yet attended Oshkosh, but that is definitely a dream!

                I am an EAA member, however. I'm in the Fairbanks chapter and while I'm at it, I'll put in a plug for an upcoming event we're having: On June 3rd the chapter is putting on a fly-in (or drive in) pancake breakfast and Young Eagles rally. It's at the CAP hangar, East Ramp Fairbanks International. We start serving at 8:00 am, $5.00 for all you can eat, $2.50 for kids. At 10:00 the Young Eagles flights start. For you unfamiliar with that program, it's local pilots giving free flights to kids (8 to 17)

                Hope to see some of you there!...Louis
                Louis Knapp


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                  I lived close to Oshkosh for 20 years and never went. Go figure.


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                    Arctic Tern - N62AT

                    A bush flying and aircraft forum would be great. There's been lots of time where I've had pretty basic questions about flying in the bush or simple aircraft questions, and I've yet to find a decent source of information on the web. Tidbits here and there, but nothing like an Alaska Bush Pilot and Aircraft forum!!

                    I'm low hours (250'ish), and don't have a lot of free time, but I like to head to the bush whenever I can.

                    David, please create a bush flying forum!



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                      Hunting Pilots

                      Hey, any of you hunting pilots need a new friend?


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                        super cubs + more

                        A flying forum sounds like a great idea to me also.

               <~ is a great website that cover most aviation issues.

                        good hunting..>Byron


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                          Hey Byron, how was your spring?
                          found this on the link in your may have seen it already, but it is good for a laugh



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                            JDM...would that be my old buddy Jay? Its been a longgggg time! How ya been, hows the family? Give me a call sometime, or send an email, , You still live in the same place?

                            We had another good Spring Bear season here. Of course we did have some challenges w/ the weather, typical Spring Bear season. When were wishing for it to be warm, it was cold, and then when we were wishing for it to warm-up the mercury would fall. Overall though another good season, harvested some NICE Bears, got into the Wolves THICK several times, and just had a bunch of fun!

                            good hunting....>Byron


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                              If you can get Mike strahan to post, so I can argue with him..........then I'll play too. :-)
                              I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
                              I have less friends now!!


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