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    Can anyone advise as to where I could find info on 'off-airport' landing areas within the Southcentral/interior? I've looked through the Gazateer and haven't found much more than the sectional shows, but I know these are only a fraction of what is actually out there. Obviously I could fly around for hours looking for strips the hard way (like many folks have I'm sure) but I've got to believe that someone has already spent some time compiling a list. Is there a local publication perhaps that someone can point me to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Airstrips or landing places.

    You might want to try a couple of the airstrips in Anchorage and leave a note in the pilots lounge.

    I used to fly with a friend on the Bering Coast and any time he flew over a possible landing place he would mark it on the GPS. That way if he ever had to land, he would hit "Nearest Waypoint" and at least he had someplace to land. Lots of mining claim strips, gravel bars and such around up that way.

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      Vertigo, I assume that you are looking for "wheel" strips since you never mentioned floats. Probably one of the busiest strips that I know of is right at the end of Knik glacier. Most guys land to the east, toward the glacier, but that depends on the winds that day. I dont remember how long it is, so I would recommend talking to someone out at the Palmer airport for more info before I tried it.

      I know there are more strips out in Grasshopper valley and down around the Lake George area, but again, I have little knowledge firsthand and I would do more research before committing myself and my plane to one.

      Good Luck on your search! And if you find one, let us know how it works out!
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