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PA-14 vs PA-12 debate

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  • PA-14 vs PA-12 debate

    I am selling my nice C-180
    Going back to tube and fabric.
    Debating between a 150 horse PA-12 or a 150 horse PA-14... I have owned 12s and down float ratings in them.
    I have only ever flown a 180 horse PA-14 and that was only on floats. ( Very impressive)
    So what opinions are out there???
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    PA-12 (I don't even need to think about it, PA-12 easy choice). Do you remember a beautiful bright orange and red PA-12 that lived there in Homer......??? It was called "Spin-n-Glo". Was 180 HP (Charlie Center built it for Doctor D. Anderson).
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      A 12 with covered stick and removable cross brace can tote lots. How much does a 14 hold? It’s so uncommon an airplane that’s there’s little lore about them. Drivers seat in the 12 wins view. It’s two good choices?


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