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baby bushwheel or?

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  • baby bushwheel or?

    On a 170, is the Gar Aero still available or should I go with a bushwheel? I have a 3200 on it now, stick to gravel bars and dirt strips, haven't gotten stuck....yet.

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    If you are going to do any off airport work, I would go with a wide fork and a Baby Bushwheel. It is an easy conversion and well worth it. It will really help with flotation on softer strips. To save on my tire, I change it out in the winter back to the 3200. It makes a difference and the tire will last longer.


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      The baby bushwheel is certified for 500 Lbs. If you fly a loaded 180 or 185 loaded heavy often it will eat those $450 tailwheel tires very quickly. I learned this the hard way.
      For folks that are experimental the glider tire with 2 tubes is the way to go. After years of flying wheels I have come to the conclusion that the baby bushwheel should not even be certified for the 185.
      It is, however great on the lighter aircraft. I have run them on a super cub with great results and longevity.


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        Looking at the W&B my 170 has 101 pounds on the tail empty, wonder what it looks like at gross.

        Just ordered it, I would hate to not need it, up until the point I realized I do actually need it out somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

        I saw pictures of a few trenched 3200's in sand and that helped me decide.


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          I think you are good with the 170 and a baby bushwheel. not enough weight with it to overload that baby bushwheel.


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