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    Hi Folks,
    Just stumbled on your site, thought I'd join in. Good to see sites like this. I'm a Super Stinson flyer from Kelowna, BC and have been flying taildraggers for 30 yrs. and now the Stinson on floats. All around BC but looking forward to an Alaskan trip now that retirement gives me the time.
    I think I would prefer to do an Alaskan trip on wheels for the convenience of fuelling and other facilities. The fueling issue is a pain in BC as there are not many sites on the water any more but I'm lucky to burn mogas. Anyone have any opinions on wheels vs. floats for a trip through the interior?

    Thanx, Tim

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    While there are a few float planes in the interior, I can't think of anywhere that has a fueling facility for float planes. Even if your burning mogas, your going to need plastic jugs to haul gas to your float plane to get fuel in it. It would definately be simpler to make the trip on wheels.
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      Alaska Supplement

      Check the Alaska Supplement or for trip planning and fuel availability at different airports.


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