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  • Supercub landing gear

    Will standard gear with 31"s give me enough ground clearance or should I get 3" gear before going to AK. If I need to get ext gear, which one?

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    Where are you landing?

    That's all dependent on where you are landing. Sounds like are out of state, so I don't imagine you land on tundra daily so I don't imagine you need extended gear since you probably won't land in REAL rough stuff. That being said, this is a hugely general answer to a very general question. Maybe if you are more specific about how you are operating you will elicit more responses but you usually know if you need more prop clearance depending on how YOU are operating. Fly safe. This country will eat ya. Already losing them and season hasn't kicked off solid yet.


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      Grizzly 1

      Originally posted by goosepilot View Post
      Will standard gear with 31"s give me enough ground clearance or should I get 3" gear before going to AK. If I need to get ext gear, which one?
      AK-HUNT is right on the button. Depends on where you intend to plop down with your Cub. For my own part, I flew about 14,000 Alaska hours on 25x11x4 tundra tires and standard Super Cub gear (with the safety cables, of course !!!!!). Had no prop troubles at all. But ya never know ------- maybe the next landing will do it...........

      And, yeah, Alaska is losing pilots again this year. As always. You need to put in lots of hours to be safe out there on the edge. So .................

      Low and slow, Goosepilot. And good luck!


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        I have 3" extended gear primarily for skis. My tires are 31's and I still get rock chips in my prop. I've never heard a pilot complain about too much prop clearance.

        My gear is from Airframes, Inc. I'd use Dodge gear without hesitation. If you go for 3" you'll also need longer hydrosorb struts. I happen to have a brand new pair of struts (never installed) from Airframes that I don't need (for a standard body Supercub). I'll let them go for cheap.


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          extended gear is great when you need the extra angle of attack for short field work. Im not sure that it really matters much for prop clearance. If on the Penn I wouldn't put the extended gear on at all, too much angle and too much lift in those high wind situations. Tied down it just puts a huge load on the wings unless you dig holes and drop those tires down to axle level. Leave slack in the tail rope as well so the tail can come up and spill the lift. One more problem with extended gear...we found that the extra length really puts a load on the longerons, making it easier to bend them, and bend/crack clusters. Personally Ive put the old standard length gear back on for all situations...but its heavy duty. By the way, they crack through too, just above the gusset thats welded to the top of the axle and its usually the front leg. When they crack through it looks like you cut them with a hacksaw. The gear then drops back and you are in a world of hurt. If you have the Atley float plane step on, connecting the front and back legs, it holds the gear in place enough that when you set down the two parts of the broken gear settle back together. I now have those float steps on both sides.... its called experience.


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            Something to think about when added height via large tires and extended gear...

            Your CG is now much higher above your friction point and it is now much easier to exert a significant sideload on the gear if you goof up...

            A pilot who spends his/her money on gas to make 400-500 extra off-field landings with regular old 26 inch tires and standerd gear..,,,,
            will always be better than the pilot who spent all their money on big tires and gear without much experience.
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              All very good points
              I ordered some 3" Airframes.
              I like the extra height and width for the most part, but realize there will be extra stress and wind issues when on the ground


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