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What type of A/C taxes do you out of State folks pay?

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  • What type of A/C taxes do you out of State folks pay?

    I have been told that some states have hefty aircraft taxes. Here on the Kenai Peninsula I pay $100 per year for Borough Taxes on my 180. ( They send you a bill for the previous year in the spring.)

    I have read that in some states like Oklahoma, that they charge a huge initial fee (tax) when you re-register your plane to an Oklahoma residence. If that is true...

    Anyway, I was looking for horror stories. We own a Texas House ( daughter rents it) and my insurance lady said my rates would be less if the plane was registered there. But I know there has to be a down-side to this that I have not seen yet...

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    No Taxes in Texas. I hangar the 185 in Texas during the winter and am on floats during the summer at Lake Hood. Due to the fact my primary residence is Texas and on wheels for 8 months Iím able to keep my insurance in check. One mans experience

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      $100/year in Minnesota for state registration. They hit you up on the first one for sales tax however...
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        Kentucky taxes aircraft as personal property tax, based on the stated/assessed value every year. I moved my Moose from Louisville to Frankfort to save half the hangar rent, then got billed by the city of Frankfort for $184.00 for the privilege of storing it within city limits at the airport hangar. The sheriff's office tagged me for $1050.00 for personal property tax. I'm still coming out ahead overall about six months worth of cheaper hangar rent versus Louisville/Jefferson County. Still, it is ridiculous to pay this amount for a homebuilt aircraft. And I am being honest about the value as best as I can value it. Many guys say they just give the base airframe kit price as the value.


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          In Tennessee I paid 7% of the purchase price plus a couple of small fees... plus interest for not self disclosing that I bought an airplane. The State apparently scrubs the FAA database occasionally and they said I should have told them that I bought an airplane 8 months earlier. It also doesn't matter if you already own it before you move to TN. You owe them a "Use tax" for the privilege of registering it in TN. If you can prove with receipts that you paid a sales tax in another state, they will reduce your "use tax" by that amount. Doesn't matter if you bought the airplane 50 years ago (I asked) then moved to TN. You owe them 7% of the value of it. Don't have a Bill of Sale? They will determine a value for you.

          I also keep in it Kenai, Alaska May through September... so I probably save some on insurance as compared to me registering it in AK. Even with insurance savings it will take several years to offset that tax.

          My next airplane will not be registered in TN.


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