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    FWIW, I'd plan on Fairbanks and points N, E, or W of there for the next trip.

    My wife and I are refugees from the oil industry and routinely host folks from La., OK, TX, MS, and SC up here. Many of them for some strange reason are leery of flying in small planes...which apparently includes the Otters, Caravans, and King Airs used by some of the larger sightseeing operators not to mention a PA-12. For those folks, the road trip you described always seems to work out.

    For someone with a more active interest in the outdoors a little less windshield time would be nice and I'd focus on Denali and points south: Whether from Anchorage or Talkeetna, take a flightseeing trip around Denali; take a riverboat fishing trip out of Talkeetna. By all means, drive to Valdez (it is very scenic), but have a hike, float, or flight planned for when you get there...maybe take the ferry (if it's running) back to Whittier. Go to Homer....flightseeing and fishing available from there as well.


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      It's hard to imagine why anyone would want to come to Alaska and see a city. Anchorage in particular. Lake Hood is very cool, you'll like that a lot, but don't waste a second in the rest of the City. Fairbanks is better- has a killer antique car collection and much better restaurants, but again it's a city. Plenty of those to see down in America.

      Try to come in a shoulder season, late May/beginning of June or September. The rest of June, July and August, assuming China doesn't attack us again and that this craziness is actually over by then, are super busy months. You'll have a hard time (as in impossible) finding accommodations unless you book now. Plus it's just no fun being stuck in an endless sea of road whales. But if you do still decide to come during prime season plan to camp.

      And I certainly wouldn't drive to Valdez (it is a beautiful drive), especially in the summer, for the same reasons, plus there is nothing there once you've arrived that you couldn't see a whole lot closer. Unless you come in early May to see the Airman's Show in ANC and the STOL competition in Valdez - then a trip to Valdez is definitely worth it.

      Talkeetna is certainly a nice little town and worth a visit, as is Whittier (okay it's actually really weird- you'll swear there has to be a secret submarine base there somewhere), as is Seward, as is Soldotna, as is Homer, as is Seldovia.

      The best way to see Alaska is by air, second best by water. If it was a me, and I only had nine days, I'd fly into ANC, get a rental car and immediately head to the Peninsula. It's a beautiful drive. And the Peninsula has some of the prettiest country in Alaska, and it's all close. And instead of spending money putting gas in a car and driving all over, put gas in an airplane via a charter flight or two. Take the ferry to Seldovia. Do a Glacier calving trip out of Seward. Do a fishing trip to the Kenai Fjords out of Homer.

      These things and the associated drive to get to them will give you a pretty real Alaska experience. And easily keep you busy for nine days.

      Who knows you might even be able to talk me into taking you up.
      Hard times create strong men,
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        Originally posted by Barnstormer View Post

        Who knows you might even be able to talk me into taking you up.
        Barnstormer, I watch a lot of your videos over on BCP website, so I certainly know that you have made great use of your time in ALaska. Seems like your advice is in tune with a lot of others..focus on an area and not try to see it all,because it cannot be done. I am just so excited about coming and know I will have to tone it down and make it realistic before I actually make plans..that is why I am starting this far out. Thanks for the advice.


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